on a mission to innovate the construction industry

 off-site production

concrete houses built on-site (in a traditional way) pollute the surroundings with noise, water and air pollution. Probably no one would choose to live more than a year next to a construction site. That's why we produce our modules off-site – in a warm and clean production factory, where all the environmental, safety and other standards are strictly followed. When we have the modules ready – we transport them to your location and install them quickly – usually just in one week. 


STRATO modules and their easy installation technique allow us to install the house even in the most fragile or severe ecosystems. So the surroundings of your home would remain intact.  

natural yet modern thermal insulation

STRATO walls are insulated with extra-fluffy ecological wood wool insulation material from Scandinavia and next-generation insulation made with a patented Swiss technology, based on natural “waste” grass.


These products differ in humidity absorption properties. It can absorb a large quantity of humidity without any product deterioration and no fungus development.


These insulation materials excel in offering insulation against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. 


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