natural yet modern thermal insulation

STRATO walls are insulated with a combination of extra-fluffy Scandinavian ecological wood wool materials as well as next-generation insulation created using a patented Swiss technology based on natural "waste" grass.


The humidity absorption properties of these goods differ. It can absorb a high amount of moisture without causing product deterioration or fungus growth.


These insulating materials excel at keeping out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.

Swiss meadow grass

During the processing of grass-based insulation material, the organic compounds are removed from its fibres. As a result, there is nothing left to cause allergies, irritation, or rodent attraction.




As a flame retardant, grass batts are made with a non-halogenated chemical additive with an environment-friendly profile (no borax).

wood fibre insulation

Unlike other wood wool-based goods, the wood fibre used in our technology is unique. Our wood wool is finer and has a structure similar to cotton.


This wood fibre absorbs a small amount of moisture produced by humans and stores it as heat. When the room becomes cooler, the heat is released back into it. Because the relative humidity and temperature are more evenly distributed throughout the day, this natural wood wool method creates a more comfortable indoor climate.


Moreover, this wood fibre insulation is the only one that has received the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certification. This certification guarantees that a product is manufactured in consideration of the environment, animals, people and sustainability.

negative carbon footprint

excellent thermal efficiency

balanced indoor temperature

exceptional humidity regulation

non-toxic, non-irritating

effective sound isolation

100% recyclable materials