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about us

Here at STRATO HOMES we’re innovating the construction industry towards true sustainability and efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and placing emphasis on nature.

Powered by a large team of world-class engineers, constructors, and scientists, we’re successfully creating homes serving future generations.


Our research and development team is innovating in material engineering, constructional design, and smart homes solutions. In the manufacture of the novel modular houses, we employ circular economy ideas.


We provide modules that are healthy to live in, smart-home ready, and of the highest quality out there. Not only that but they’re produced, shipped, and assembled in the most efficient way.

The modular concept of Strato Homes has been developed by the INBLUM team of architects, who have won numerous local and international awards and are known for their strong emotional character and creative interpretation of spaces.

on a mission to save our home

It may sound like a mere rhetoric, but for us, it emphasises our one and only mission: to save our planet by providing people with sustainable and healthy houses.

the idea behind 

In Latin, the word “stratum” (STRATO) refers to the layers that make up a building, thus defining a covering or protective layer.


HOMES protect people, just like the planet Earth protects us all by being our home. In the broadest sense, the Earth itself is covered in protective layers. However, the stratosphere — the ozone-rich and second layer that surrounds the Earth — is steadily depleting due to human activity.


we ensure that our small dwellings are healthy and sustainable in order to safeguard our home, the planet Earth.

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