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Name of the project: Developing a cost-effective, automated design and manufacturing technology for modular buildings

Nr. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-02-0046

Stratosfera UAB is focused on the development of high added value, innovative software for making modular home production more efficient. The essence of this project is to acquire new knowledge by addressing scientific and technological uncertainties related to the R&D activity: the development of generative design solutions to personalise the architecture of modular houses according to the customer's characteristics. The project addresses a number of existing problems that also define the innovative aspects of the product, such as personalised architecture - each customer receives a unique solution tailored to their needs, order fulfilment at the touch of a button - shortening the time from decision to order, shortening the supply chain by omitting the architects' intervention in the design - reducing construction costs, generating production drawings, estimates, etc. Target customers - all persons interested in the construction of modular individual houses for personal use, as well as companies producing and building modular houses.


Project implementation period:  2020-07-22 – 2022-07-21


The project implementation under EU instrument: 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-02


The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund.


The project budget: 552 025,51 Eur


Funding for the project: 399 954,78 Eur



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