We believe that STRATO residents deserve to live in houses that are modern, sustainable, efficient, and simply one-of-a-kind. We make use of nature and provide you with the greatest result that our team of architects, scientists, and engineers could come up with.



A tribute to nature

We build a house that has never been built before – taking care of core sustainability aspects, STRATO HOMES born as a tribute to nature and humans. 

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low energy


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bio-based materials, healthy microclimate

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circular economy


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removable, reusable,


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water storage and harvesting



our steps towards the re-imagined, sustainable modular housing

 off-site production

Traditional on-site concrete dwellings degrade the environment with noise, water, and air pollution. Probably no one would want to live next to a building site for more than a year. That's why we build our modules off-site, in a warm, clean production facility that adheres to all environmental, safety, and other standards. When we have the modules ready, we transport them to your location and install them usually in as little as one week.


STRATO modules and their easy installation technique allow us to build the house even in the most fragile or challenging ecosystems. Thus, the surroundings of your home would remain intact.

natural yet modern thermal insulation

STRATO walls are insulated with a combination of extra-fluffy Scandinavian ecological wood wool materials as well as next-generation insulation created using a patented Swiss technology based on natural "waste" grass.


The humidity absorption properties of these goods differ. It can absorb a high amount of moisture without causing product deterioration or fungus growth.

These insulating materials excel at keeping out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.



nearly zero or zero energy
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With STRATO HOMES, you may live anywhere you want, whether it's in the cold arctic or the scorching south.


We construct the house you need in accordance with specific climatic conditions, ensuring that your modular home is highly efficient.

U-value ~0.10 - 0.15 W/m2K;

Nearly energy zero/zero energy building.

passive, renewable technologies
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Engineered to install photovoltaics.

The bright roof membrane provides passive cooling by reflecting the sun's rays.

breathable yet airtight walls
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Air leakage no more than 1.0m3/m2h@50Pa.


Near-zero thermal bridges – psi-values no more than 0.01 W/mK.

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Built for efficient climate control with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery.

passive windows
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Certified Passive House windows. U-value from 0,6 W/m2K. Triple glazing.

mechanical ventilation

bright wood

charred wood



reed parapet

green parapet

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modern mood

warm mood

bright mood



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Everyone's unique. Thus every piece of a STRATO HOMES module can be adapted to your needs. Micro, tiny, or extensive, freeform or strictly rectangular. You name it, we build it.


Deep dark or minimalistic light, wood or zinc — you decide on the house's design based on your preferences or the surrounding environment.

individual design