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EU projects

Name of the project: Certification of sustainable modular houses for export.


The results and aim of the project: JSC EKONAMAI specialize in the development and implementation of ecological modular homes, biological materials and efficient energy solutions. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the development and design of green energy and sustainable construction solutions. To stay competitive, the company is expanding its activities and plans to export to foreign markets. Modular houses, developed with new technologies and materials, have made it possible to reduce production costs, improve quality, increase speed, achieve better thermal insulation properties, thus achieving better energy efficiency of the building and reducing the heating and conditioning costs of the building. Certifying for the Canadian market and obtaining sustainability certificates that are relevant worldwide, as well as our other target markets in the Netherlands, will open up opportunities for the company to export products, thus expanding the company and being competitive. The company plans to increase export indicators every year, together with partners to invest in product publicity. It is planned to establish itself in the suburbs of the city of Toronto, and later in other parts of Canada, by positioning in market of ecological, Scandinavian design prefabricated modular houses.


Project implementation period:  April 2020 – extended until May 2022.


The project implementation under EU instrument: 03.2.1-LVPA-K-802 Expo certificate LT


The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund.


The project budget: 81 611,60 EUR 


Funding for the project: 40 805,80 EUR 


Information about the company: It is a leading European research and development company offering innovative and environmentally friendly building materials and intelligent engineering solutions for prefabricated modular structures for the global housing industry. 


Link to the fund website:

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